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It’s a Doggie Dog World

This is our serious face. We seriously need your help.♥♥ We have so many wonderful dogs looking for their forever homes! We really need your help! How can you help? There are several ways. *Forward this newsletter to your friends and post on social media. *Consider fostering. This opens up space so we [...]

4 Ways to Tell if Your Bearded Dragon is Ill

  Closeup of bearded dragon lizard. Bearded dragons — also known as “beardies” — are docile, sociable and tolerate being handled exceptionally well. If you want a beardie as a pet and are new to the world of lizards, it’s wise to become acquainted with typical beardie behavior. The more you understand [...]

What is Canine Parvo?

There's "snow" if's and's or but's...I need to be vaccinated for canine parvo Canine parvo or parvovirus disease is a disease in dogs usually in puppies caused by a virus called parvovirus. It’s a disease that affects the intestinal system. It actually gets into the cells of the intestinal system and kills [...]

Coughing in Cats

Do cats cough? *cough...I should probably cut back on my smoking too... Cats do cough but not as often as other animals. Retching or gagging is often confused with a cough. A cough is an expiratory effort producing a sudden, noisy expulsion of air from the lungs. It is usually stimulated [...]

Healthy Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Cuteness like this deserves proper vaccinations. Contact the Austin Pet Clinic near you. Here is a detailed suggested schedule of vaccination and booster visits your puppy will need from the first 6 weeks up until 6 months and every 6 months thereafter. Call our South Branch pet clinic at (512) 462-0002 or [...]

Tips on Keeping Pet Mice

A domesticated mouse – also known as Mus musculus domesticus – can make a great pet for the right owner. It requires very little space, can be kept indoors and is inexpensive to feed. And once your little pal gets used to you, it will happily sit in your hand or explore wherever it [...]

Caring for Your Pet Budgie

Looking for avian companion to share your life? A budgerigar (or budgie for short) may be the bird for you. Small, colorful and intelligent, this Australian native is the third most popular pet after dogs and cats. Like all animals though, the budgie has very particular needs that you should consider before making the [...]

Cognitive Dysfunction in Senior Cats

A decline in mental function is not just a problem for many aging humans.  It’s also a problem for cats as well. Studies have shown 28% of felines between the ages of 11 and 15 show some signs of cognitive dysfunction.  That number shoots up to 50% for cats over the age of 15. [...]

Flea Treatment for Austin, Texas

What are Fleas? Look at what I have to resort to if you don't treat my fleas... Fleas are little bugs. Usually you can see them if you part your dog or cat’s hair on the back near the tail or on the belly. You can see little black things crawling [...]

Canine Asthma

Hey, I understand…it’s for the best. Does your dog suffer from wheezing or shortness of breath? Then Fido may have canine asthma, otherwise known as allergic bronchitis. In dogs, this condition is almost always caused by an allergic reaction to something in the environment. Cigarette or fireplace smoke, carpet cleaners, room fresheners, [...]