Austin residents love their pets, and treat them like the family members that they are. When searching for the perfect Austin vet, it’s important to remember that a vet clinic can provide more than just a routine checkup.

The pet clinic is the one stop where you have experts at your disposal to answer any potential questions that may arise about pet behavior or specific needs of more exotic pets such as ferrets or tropical birds.

There will be a vet on staff who is able to address any concerns and leave the pet owner feeling confident with their methods of home care.

Of course, the checkup itself is a very important component of pet ownership. Most pets should visit their Austin veterinary clinic about once a year, if in normal health. Preventive care goes a long way in ensuring that the pet is happy, healthy, and free from any long term serious diseases.

Puppies and kittens will need their vaccinations to start off with a clean bill of health, and the doctor can answer any questions about care for new animals. Responsible care from an early age is the best way to prevent any serious problems later in the pet’s life.

In the unfortunate event that a pet does fall ill, the Wells Branch Pet and Bird clinic is ready to come to the rescue with many of the same medical procedures available that would be in any doctor’s office. Conditions can be diagnosed with a battery of tests, including X-rays, and surgery is available if needed. The vet is able to prescribe any medications that are necessary to prevent common problems like parasites, and usually provide this medication on-site, for the greatest convenience.

There are other reasons to visit an Austin vet on a regular basis, including dental care for your pet. Dental care is an important part of overall health that is often overlooked in humans and pets alike, which is a common mistake.

A life free from dental problems such as gingivitis increases overall energy levels and happiness. In addition, the clinic will most likely have specialty foods for sale to prevent obesity or bladder conditions, as well as grooming products like shampoos or special combs for the fluffiest of friends. Paying a visit to the vet is an integral part of owning a pet, and can be an invaluable resource if any questions or concerns come up in the daily stewardship of pet-owning.

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